I have combined a creative talent with my lifelong interest in cycling and vintage paraphernalia, culminating in a limited number of alluring and ingenious creations. Each piece has been constructed from an accumulation of vintage components which have been painstakingly sourced, collected and refurbished. These have been thoughtfully and skilfully assembled in a manner that achieves an harmonious balance between practicality and being aesthetically pleasing. Due to the rarity of the components and the intricate, creative manner in which they have been assembled, each one is a fascinating and original work of art which can never be replicated. The initialled pieces have been completely hand crafted by the artist and have been carefully mounted on recycled, waxed & polished hardwood bases.
Along with my interest in creative processes I am fortunate to have travelled to many interesting destinations . The images in this gallery are very recent additions that were inspired by my travels and have often thought would be a good to paint, acknowledging many lasting experiences across the miles.
My brief encounter with cold cast bronzing developed through my interest in working with clay, and a curiosity of how I could reproduce and apply various finishes and textures to the final cast. The design was the key element as I was able to incorporate my enthusiasm for two of my local cities, Bristol and Bath.
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Herne Hill LONDON 2018
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